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L'Égyptien dans la tourmente

by Laura Parys. — Book in French (Details).

Grammaire élémentaire et pratique du sanskrit classique (3e édition)

by Sylvain Brocquet. — Book in French (See Details)

77,50 €
Les mathématiques de l'Égypte ancienne (2e éd.)

by Marianne Michel. — Book in French. Throughout the chapters, the reader will discover arithmetic problems (the calculation of unknown quantities, the calculation of square roots, arithmetic progressions), geometry problems (area calculations, volume calculations and slope calculations), etc. This book has not only a scientific, but also an educational purpose… (Details).

85,00 €
Les animaux chez Abū Ḥayyān al-Tawḥīdī

by Faisal KENANAH. — Book in French (Details)

55,00 €
Égyptien hiéroglyphique (4e éd., augmentée)

by Claude Obsomer. — This book is also available in English : "Hieroglyphic Egyptian. A Practical Grammar of Middle Egyptian"

75,00 €
L’Évangile arabe selon Matthieu, Marc, Luc et Jean

by Samir Arbache. — Book in French (Details)

90,00 €
Le récit du Papyrus Westcar

by Laura Parys. — Book in French. This study deepens the literary analysis and provides a renewed interpretation of this narrative text. It contains a unique hieroglyphic transcription, together with a personal translation and philological comments…  (Details)

38,00 €

by Carl Meissner and Pierre Altenhoven. — Book in French (See Details)

36,00 €
Le récit du Naufragé

by Claude Obsomer. — Book in French  (Details)

38,00 €
Pierre-Maurice BOGAERT. — In the reviving Université catholique de Louvain (1835), the bishops of Belgium appointed to the chair of Biblical exegesis at the Faculty of Theology a Dutch priest, trained in philology according to the German scholarship, Jean-Théodore Beelen (1807-1884). He had to teach Biblical and rabbinic Hebrew, Biblical and talmudic Aramaic, Syriac and Arabic…
14,50 €
Guillaume DUCŒUR. — Félix Nève (1816-1893) was a pioneer of Sanskrit studies, and Vedic studies in particular, at the University of Louvain, where he taught from 1841 after returning from a period of study in Paris with Eugène Burnouf. Despite the progress in Europe of critical research in the field of the history of religions of ancient India…
14,50 €
Christophe VIELLE. — Indology is an ancient tradition at the University of Louvain. The first Sanskrit course in Belgium was initiated there in 1841 by Félix Nève (1816-1893), a teaching that Charles de Harlez (1832-1899) continued and developed from 1877 onwards…
14,50 €
Andrea Barbara SCHMIDT, Lucas VAN ROMPAY. — The origin of Syriac studies in Louvain can be traced back to the work of Andreas Masius and to the printing house of Plantin in the 16th century, but it is only in the 19th century, with the appointment of Joannes Theodorus Beelen (1807-1884) to the chair of Sacred Scriptures (1936), that the foundation was laid for Syriac as an academic discipline…
14,50 €
Johanne GARNY, Étienne VAN QUICKELBERGHE. — This article traces the history of teaching and research in Assyriology at the Catholic University of Louvain…
14,50 €
Virginie ALAVOINE, Johannes DEN HEIJER. — This paper concerns the contribution of Professor Jacques Ryckmans to the domain of studies and research on Ancient Arabia…
Lucas VAN ROMPAY. — The first part of the paper highlights the contributions of Damião de Gόis (1502-1574) and Jacobus Wemmers (1598-1645), who may be considered forerunners of the academic study of Ethiopian Christianity…
14,50 €
Bernard COULIE. — Armenian and Georgian studies, as well as Byzantine studies developed at the University of Louvain within the framework of studies on the Christian Orient. The first courses appear a little before the middle of the 19th century…
14,50 €
Jan TAVERNIER. — This article discusses the history of Elamite studies at the University of Louvain. Within the research domain of Belgian Oriental Studies, the field of Elamite studies is the youngest one, as it only came into existence in 1976…
14,50 €
Luc COURTOIS. — The present contribution is devoted to the figure of Paulin Ladeuze (1870-1940), whose orientalist activity took place in three stages : the doctorate at the Catholic University of Leuven, with a thesis in the field of oriental cenobitism (1892-1898) ; the professorship, during which the young researcher devoted himself mainly to patrology and neo-testamentary exegesis (1898-1909); and finally the rectorate…
14,50 €
Chrestomathie sanskrite

by Sylvain Brocquet. — Book in French (See Details)

89,00 €
Tense, Aspect and Modality in the Sabellic Languages

by Reuben Pitts. — This work examines the grammatical expression of tense, aspect and modality (henceforth TAM) in the Sabellic languages, a group of epigraphically attested Italic languages spoken in the second half of the first millennium B.C.E. (See Details)

43,00 €
Comment dessiner les hiéroglyphesHow to draw hieroglyphs

Choose the category, then click on the desired hieroglyphic sign  :



Complement to the manual "Hieroglyphic Egyptian. A Practical Grammar of Middle Egyptian", 2015, by Claude Obsomer.


by Gilles Courtieu. — In French.

Who doesn't know Ulysses, from the earliest years, as a figure of the most ancient European literature?  Everyone thinks he knows him… (Details)

37,00 €
Abécédaire humoristique d’après les poètes latins

by Estelle Debuy, illustré par Mathieu "la Mine". — In French. Voici une manière ludique et amusante de réviser et de perfectionner son latin. Si certains de ces extraits font sourire, d’autres sembleront d’une étonnante actualité… (Details)

28,00 €
Le texte médical du Papyrus Ebers

by Dr Bernard Lalanne and Gérard Métra . — Book in French. The Ebers Papyrus, the most comprehensive medical document of Ancient Egypt, is now published in full for the first time and shows the hieroglyphic transcription of each plate with its transliteration and translation… (Details)

44,00 €
Hébreu biblique. Grammaire de base

by Agnès Tichit. —  Book in French (See Details)

33,00 €
Hieroglyphic Egyptian

by Claude OBSOMER and Sylvie FAVRE-BRIANT. — This manual presents a pedagogical approach to the grammar of Middle Egyptian, the classical language of pharaonic Egypt… (Details)

75,00 €
Sanskrit classique. Cahier d’exercices

by Sylvain Brocquet. — Book in French (See Details)

49,00 €
Grammaire comparée des langues sémitiques

by Jean-Claude Haelewyck. —  Book in French (See Details)

45,00 €
Enregistrement audio

by Sylvain Brocquet and Gopabandhu Mishra.  — Audio recording in French (See Details)

Sénèque l’Ancien
by Marie-Pierre Arnaud-Lindet. — Book in French (See Details)
32,00 €
Égyptien hiéroglyphique. Série pédagogique

by Claude Obsomer. — Book in French (See Details)
 The grammar is available in English : "Hieroglyphic Egyptian. A Practical Grammar of Middle Egyptian" (See Details)

Manuel de critique textuelle du Nouveau Testament

Chr.-B. Amphoux (dir.). — Book in French.

DetailsThe authorsTable of contents

59,00 €
Le commentaire historique des sources littéraires de l'histoire romaine
by Marie-Pierre Arnaud-Lindet. — Book in French (See Details)
41,00 €
Le Rapport d'Ounamon (vers 1065 avant Jésus-Christ)

by Claude Vandersleyen. — Book in French. Ounamon a été envoyé par Hérihor, le grand prêtre d’Amon, pour acheter du bois destiné à l’entretien ou à la construction de la grande barque du dieu, à Thèbes. C’était vers 1065 avant J.-C. De cette mission, on conserve le récit fait par Ounamon sur papyrus, mais l’auteur s’est brusquement arrêté avant la fin de la deuxième page… (Details)

Vocabulaire d'architecture égyptienne

by Franck Monnier. — Book in French. The reader will find herein some 900 technical terms related to Egyptian architecture, together with their English translation and the Egyptian word, as well as numerous explanatory diagrams and colour photographs. The book also includes an English index. (Details)

49,50 €
L'Évangile arabe selon saint Luc

by Samir Arbache. — Book in French (Details)

27,00 €
Les fils d'Antara

by Xavier Luffin. — Book in French (Details)

36,00 €
L'évangile de Marc en hébreu

by Agnès Tichit. — Book in French. Une étude qui porte sur la confrontation de deux traductions en hébreu de l’évangile de Marc… (Details)

47,50 €
Ad honorem per ardorem (grammaire)

by Alain Meurant and Anne-Marie Boxus. — Book in French (See details)

Ad honorem per ardorem (exercices)

by Alain Meurant and Anne-Marie Boxus. — Book in French (See details)

35,00 €
Routes et parcours mythiques

Collective. — Proceedings of the "Septième colloque international d'anthropologie du monde indo-européen et de mythologie comparée". Edited by Alain Meurant…

Details | Other papers

Identité et altérité culturelles

Collectif. — Book in French (Details)

42,00 €
Dina (Genèse 34)


20,00 €
Égyptien hiéroglyphique. Exercices d'application

by Claude Obsomer. — Book in French (See details)

36,00 €
Procédés synchroniques de la langue poétique en grec et en latin

Alain Blanc & Emmanuel Dupraz (dir.). —  Book in French (See details)

La morphologie akkadienne en tableaux

by Florence Malbran-Labat. —  Book in French (see details)

28,00 €
Pratique de la grammaire akkadienne

by Florence Malbran-Labat. — Book in French (see details)

40,00 €
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