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Lexicon van de brusselse edelsmeden uit de 17de eeuw

door Edmond ROOBAERT. — Hier wordt het resultaat van een jarenlang archiefonderzoek te kennen gegeven naar het leven en het werk van 466 edelsmeden die in de loop van de 17de eeuw als goud-of zilversmid werkzaam zijn geweest in Brussel (Meer…)

by Edmond ROOBAERT. — Book in Dutch. This article is the result of many years of systematic archival investigations into the lives of 466 gold and silver smiths at work in Brussels over the course of the 17th century… (details)

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Recensement des édifices et maisons de Bruxelles

by Jean-Louis Van Belle. — Book in French.This unique manuscript has recently been found in private archives and is now published in its entirety for the first time. With its 8,000 entries, this document is a genuine Brussels "Who's who" of the end of the 16th century… (details)

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Le journal de Jean-François Bernardy (1749-1842)

by Jean-Louis Van Belle. — Book in French. Im Frühjahr 1794 wurde der Priester Jean-François (de) BERNARDY (1749-1842) mit einem Kollegen nach Obersachsen entsandt, um dort Spenden für französische Priester, die infolge der Wirren der Französischen Revolution in die Schweiz ausgewandert waren, zu beschaffen. Diese Reise dauerte von Mai 1794 bis November 1795. Während dieser Zeit führte er ein Tagebuch, das bis heute verborgen blieb…

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Corneille van Nerven

by Jean-Louis Van Belle and Jan Caluwaerts. — After the bombing of Brussels in the year 1695, Corneille van Nerven and his teams set about rebuilding and restoring the picturesque buildings surrounding the famous Market Place. Corneille was the most famous member of a family of artists… (Details)

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La mère royale Seshseshet et les débuts de la VIe dynastie

By Thierry Stasser. — Book in French (Details)


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Dire le droit en Égypte pharaonique

by Alexandra Philip-Stéphan. — Book in French. Analyse de l'appareil judiciaire et des procédures juridictionnelles jusqu'au Nouvel Empire (1500 avant notre ère)…

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Thierry STASSER. — By Mid third Century BC, Kings of Syria inaugurated a policy of alliances with the Kingdoms of Pontos and Cappadocia, characterized by marriages of Seleucid princesses to Pontos rulers – with the exception of Antiochos III and his first cousin Laodice of Pontos…
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Apama III et IV, reines de Bithynie et princesses de Syrie ? Note de prosopographie séleucide
= Paper =
T. STASSER, « Apama III et IV, reines de Bithynie et princesses de Syrie ? Note de prosopographie séleucide », Res Antiquae 12, Brussels, 2015.
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Deux reines Ankhnespépy pour Pépy II Neferkarê ?
= Paper =
by Thierry STASSER. — Ankhnespepy: do we have only one Queen, or two different women ? Opinions of Egyptologists differ here…
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= Paper =
by Thierry STASSER. — One document confirms without any doubt the existence of a second Queen Ahhotep…
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Mattias KARLSSON. — This article investigates the image of the Neo-Assyrian empire as multicultural by collecting, classifying, and analysing data derived from the prosopography of the Neo-Assyrian empire which focus on gentilics…
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