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Deux Laodice de Syrie, reines du Pont, au IIIe siècle ? Note de prosopographie séleucide

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by Thierry STASSER, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

By Mid third Century BC, Kings of Syria inaugurated a policy of alliances with the Kingdoms of Pontos and Cappadocia, characterized by marriages of Seleucid princesses to Pontos rulers – with the exception of Antiochos III and his first cousin Laodice of Pontos. However the evidence recording these unions is scarce, and usually much posterior to the events. The first marital alliance to be documented is the one between Mithridates II and the daughter of Antiochos II whose name, although unrecorded, is usually labelled as Laodice. The three sources traditionally considered as relating to this first marriage most probably report two different unions, and two successive generations of Pontic kings and Syrian princesses.

Keywords: Laodice, war of the brothers, Mithridates II, Seleucos II, prosopography
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