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Indianisme et bouddhisme à Louvain,
de Félix Nève à Étienne Lamotte

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by Christophe VIELLE, in Luc COURTOIS (ed.), Les études orientales à l’Université de Louvain depuis 1834 (Histoire, 12), Brussels, 2021.

Indology is an ancient tradition at the University of Louvain. The first Sanskrit course in Belgium was initiated there in 1841 by Félix Nève (1816-1893), a teaching that Charles de Harlez (1832-1899) continued and developed from 1877 onwards. The latter, also an iranologist and sinologist, founder of the periodical of oriental studies Le Muséon (1882-) and of a first sketch of an Oriental Institute (1890-1894), was notably the mentor of Louis de La Vallée Poussin (1869-1938), doctor in oriental languages from Louvain in 1891, who then became professor of Sanskrit at the University of Ghent. De Harlez’s successors for Sanskrit in Louvain were the two specialists in Indo-European comparative linguistics Philémon Colinet (1853-1917), who co-edited Le Muséon with La Vallée Poussin after de Harlez, and his disciple Albert Carnoy (1878-1961), and then, at the Oriental Institute (founded in 1936), Étienne Lamotte (1903-1983), the disciple of La Vallée Poussin, and like him a leading expert in Indian Buddhism.

Keywords: Indology, sanskrit, Félix Nève, Charles de Harlez, Philémon Colinet, Louis de La Vallée Poussin, Albert Carnoy, Étienne Lamotte


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