ISBN: 978-2-87457-092-6
par Bernard Lalanne et Gérard Métra

Coll. Langues et cultures anciennes (LCA), 28
270 pages (21 x 29,7 cm)
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2017. Disponible

Le texte médical du Papyrus Ebers

Hieroglyphic transcription, transliteration, translation, glossary and index

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Book in French. A unique publication for those interested in hieroglyphs, Hieratic script and Egyptian grammar, through the Ebers papyrus, one of the most exceptional historical documents of Egyptology. For the first time, the most comprehensive medical papyrus of Ancient Egypt is published in full and shows the hieroglyphic transcription of each plate, together with its line-by-line transliteration and translation, based on the latest lexicographical data. It reveals an astonishing pharmacopeia and medical practices combining actual scientific expertise and pharaonic Egypt's particular way of thinking, together with the use of magic when science reaches its limits.

Glossary and index
The appendices include a glossary of the main Egyptian words used in the papyrus, as well as an index of the French words. The latter mostly contains medical, anatomical and pathological terms and proper nouns.

The authors
Dr Bernard Lalanne is a doctor of medicine, a lecturer at the Bordeaux Segalen University (université Bordeaux II Victor Segalen) and author of a Coptic grammar book (Éd. AÉG 2006). He teaches classical Egyptian, neo-Egyptian and Hieratic script at the Association Égyptologique de Gironde, of which he is chairman.

Gérard Métra works in the aeronautical industry and is an active member of the Association Égyptologique de Gironde.

Table of contents
Préface, par Robert Vergnieux


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Le Papyrus médical Ebers





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