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Manuel de critique textuelle du Nouveau Testament

Chr.-B. Amphoux (dir.). — Book in French.

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L'Évangile arabe selon saint Luc. Texte du VIIIe siècle, copié en 897
by Samir Arbache. — Book in French (Details)

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L'évangile de Marc en hébreu
by Agnès Tichit. — Book in French. Une étude qui porte sur la confrontation de deux traductions en hébreu de l’évangile de Marc… (Details)

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Megiddo dans la Bible. Mille ans d’histoire, de Josué à l’Apocalypse
= Paper =
J.-Cl. HAELEWYCK, "Megiddo dans la Bible. Mille ans d’histoire, de Josué à l’Apocalypse", in Chr. KARLSHAUSEN and Cl. OBSOMER (ed.), "De la Nubie à Qadech. La guerre dans l'Égypte ancienne – From Nubia to Kadesh. War in Ancient Egypt", Brussels, 2016.
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Sagesse et genre. Une approche biblique
= Paper =
by Stéphanie S. ANTHONIOZ. — This article aims at proposing a study of wisdom and more precisely of sages, both men and women, be they called ḥākām or ḥakāmâ, and reflect upon the question of gender. A brief overview of biblical references seems to show the lack of concern for women sages. However many are they who have been held in high esteem for their wise behavior as the woman from Teqoa (2 Sam 14:1-24), the woman from Avel-Beth-Maaka (2 Sam 20:14-21), Rahab, the prostitute (Jos 2:1-24), Avigaïl, the beautiful woman (1 Sam 25:2-42) and also the woman who killed Abimelek (Jg 9:53). Their…
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