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Les mathématiques de l'Égypte ancienne

by Marianne Michel. — Book in French. Throughout the chapters, the reader will discover arithmetic problems (the calculation of unknown quantities, the calculation of square roots, arithmetic progressions), geometry problems (area calculations, volume calculations and slope calculations), etc. This book has not only a scientific, but also an educational purpose… (Details)

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"Genus numeri". Relations mathématiques sous-jacentes à l’architecture étrusque : le cas du temple de l’"Ara della Regina" à Tarquinia
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At Tarquinia, the so-called « Ara della Regina » shows exceptional proportions when compared to other Etruscan temples and that since the first half of the VIth century B.C. An analysis of the plans related to the successive construction phases hints at a unique layout principle governing not only the exterior walls of the temple, but also its inner subdivisions and the dimensions of the great Archaic terrace on which it is built. A simple geometrical scheme, based on the method of diagonal depth projection (rabattement) of a square or rectangle, seems to endow the different parts of the edifice with the following proportions: 1 : √2, 1 : √3 and 1 : √5. Though less elaborate, the same process has already been observed in the other religious pole of the city, namely the sacred area of the Pian di Civita.
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