ISBN: 978-2-87457-108-4
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La volonté de dépassement de la condition humaine dans l’Antiquité

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by Éric RAIMOND, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

As soon as the Dawn of the History, Humans express their will to overcome their human condition, specially their mortality, to access to a divine status. First heroes look like Gods, through their wonderful birth, their divine origin, their exploits. Vedic Litterature shows a great plasticity between humans and gods. In this way, Homeric world seems to have firmly settled this border, thanks to Apollo, in spite of breaches from Athena. First great quest of immortality is Gilgames’. But this quest failed. Death of Herakles however allows to access to apotheosis and reconciliation. These examples show a will to overcome, mainly through the fights against monsters which represent the clash of Order and Chaos or, in an ethical view, Goodness against Evilness. In front of this active principle, Christianism will represent a paradigmatic change.

Keywords: Mahabharata, Râmâyana, Gilgames, Tarhunt, Illuyanka, Typhoeus, Zeus, Apollo, Hérakles, Diomedus, Apotheosis