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Le symbolisme du nombre Neuf dans des mythes et rituels anciens

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by Éric RAIMOND, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

The number Nine is well-attested in many ancient myths. It indicates the duration of reigns of King-Gods before Kumarbi, number of nights spent by Zeus with Mnemosyne to conceive Muses or number of days during when Titans fall down to Earth and then to Tartarus. Symbol of plenitude through Egyptian pesedjêt, number of Muses or of Priam"s vassals, it brings up the duration of pregnancy, either biologic or initiatic one. Nine days separate each step of the Odysseus travel, nine days of feast precede Belleropho's ordeals or try to prevent Phoenix from his parricid thoughs. The interpretation of the esosterists tends to show this number as a form of sexual transcendance, throug the archetypal figure of the Hermit in the medieval Tarot.

Keywords: Kumarbi, Hesiodus, Belleropho, Homerus, Gematria, Symbolism