ISBN: 978-2-87457-145-9

L’épiphanie de l’Artémis de Pinara et de l’Apollon de Lopta dans la Chronique de Hiéron II (TAM II.174)

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by Éric RAIMOND, in Res Antiquae 20, 2023.

Through a philological study and a new translation of the Hiero’s mythological chronicle (TAM II.174), I focuss on the epiphany of stone images of Artemis in Pinara and Apollo in Lopta. These images may be issued from the land Theotokè and might have been born from earthquake on Kragos. Both divine twins seem quite linked in many cultual aspects, whereas their images are located in differents places. Artemis might get some elements from the Christian Virgin, despite the contemporary development of the epichoric Artemis Kombikè. Lopta may have been a mantic place, which have delivered the oracle mentionned below the Hiero’s chronicle to the Sidymeans. This document draw a curious appearance of some « statues » (or stone forms) of the divine twins during the end of the IId or the beginning of the IIIth century A.D.

Keywords: Epiphany ; Artemis ; Apollon  ; Lycia ; Sidyma ; Tlos ; Hiero ; epigraphy ; Second Rhetorics