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La déesse Déméter

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by Eric RAIMOND, in Res Antiquae 18, 2021.

The Goddess Demeter has become an allegory of Nature, whom its complex nature and functions are not sought. Is its name as ancient as Mycenean Ages, under the noun Damate in Linear B ? Translation of PY En 609 we offered suggests it is the intendant of a sacred temenos rather than Goddess’ name. She is rare in the Epics. The Homeric Hymn, we propose litteral translation and short analysis, is the main testimony devoted to the Goddess. Here she is the fertilizer Agent of the Earth, like Telepinu, a new form of an Ancien Mother Goddess of the Sky, with uranian lineaments.

Keywords: Demeter, Telepinu, Eleusis, Homeric Hymn, Linear B, Homerus, Syncretisms, Zeus, Hades, Kore, Persephone, Gaïa, Hecate