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Le rôle financier d’Athéna dans la vie athénienne au ve siècle av. n. ère

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Actes du Colloque « Le rôle des femmes dans les religions de l’antiquité méditerranéenne »
27 mai 2017 – Centre d’Histoire des Religions Cardinal Julien Ries, Université catholique de Louvain (Louvain-la-Neuve)

by Christophe FLAMENT, in Res Antiquae 15, 2018.

This study is devoted to the role of the sacred treasury of Athena in the Athenian public finances during the 5th century. Two case studies will be examined: the constructions of the Acropolis and the military campaigns of the Peloponnesian War. Through the examination of literary and epigraphic evidences, the main attempt is to demonstrate that, in both cases, the contributions of the sacred treasury – in the form of disbursements for the buildings of the Acropolis and of loans for the military operations of the Peloponnesian War – were far more important than the resources procured by the tribute of the members of the Delian League.

Keywords: Athens, Pericles, Athena, Finance, Acropolis
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