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ISBN: 978-2-87457-006-3

Droit et religion en Asie Mineure : autour de la reconsacration comme sanction juridique chez les Hittites

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E. J. BUIS, « Droit et religion en Asie Mineure : autour de la reconsacration comme sanction juridique chez les Hittites », Res Antiquae 4, Bruxelles, 2007, p. 171-188.
Both legal and religious texts show an interesting coherence as far as the expression appa šuppiyahh- is concerned. Through the analysis of certain passages in Muwatalli’s prayer and various Hittite legal provisions, where the verb is mentioned, it is possible to discover in which ways ‘reconsacration’ was mostly used as a reference to indicate how specific spaces or locations were supposed to be reestablished in their lost cleanliness and purity as a result of the reparation imposed. From that perspective, we conclude that the legal consequence of resacralization, required in documents on law and allusions to public or private worship, always implies the necessary enforcement of a religious order whose balance had been affected by an impious or illegal activity.

Acta colloquii in memoriam Louis Delaporte et Eugène Cavaignac
(Institut catholique de Paris, 19-20 mai 2006) :
Les sanctuaires syro-anatoliens de la préhistoire au début de l’ère chrétienne