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ISBN: 978-2-87457-082-7

Sur l’état de la recherche en écriture chypro-minoenne

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M. EGETMEYER, «  Sur l’état de la recherche en écriture chypro-minoenne », Res Antiquae 11, Bruxelles, 2014, p. 101-109.
The Cypro-Minoan script is a branch of the Aegean syllabic scripts of the Late Bronze Age. This Cypriot script is undeciphered and thus its language is unknown. The number of inscriptions is small and they are mostly short. This article focuses on recent literature and highlights the most important problems: due to the edition of these inscriptions by Jean-Pierre Olivier in 2007 some progress may now be possible in this field. But even if the reading of a certain number of signs may indeed be suggested, the aim of research should now not be a proper decipherment, but a better understanding of the paleographical constitution of the syllabary and of the interrelationship between all the syllabaries of the Aegean scripts.
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