» Médecine
Anne TIHON, Anne-Marie DOYEN-HIGUET. — This paper traces the history of the « Louvain School » specialized in the edition of ancient scientific texts, especially works written in Greek from the Hellenistic period to the end of the Byzantine Empire in the field of the exact sciences…
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Le texte médical du Papyrus Ebers

by Dr Bernard Lalanne and Gérard Métra . — Book in French. The Ebers Papyrus, the most comprehensive medical document of Ancient Egypt, is now published in full for the first time and shows the hieroglyphic transcription of each plate with its transliteration and translation… (Details)

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Fabrice DE BACKER. — Thanks to the cross-study of different texts describing the royal funeral rituals during the Neo-Assyrian period, the archaeological evidences and the ethnographical comparisons, som different components of the embalming fluid can be identified…
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I testi ittiti di medicina
= Paper =
M.-C. TRÉMOUILLE, « I testi ittiti di medicina », Res Antiquae 1, Brussels, 2004, p. 209-225.
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