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L’Égypte ancienne et l’ex-libris érotique. Étalage entre les pages

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by Eugène WARMENBOL, in BOYER V. and QUERTINMONT A. (ed.), Égypte et ex-libris. Entre fantasme, archéologie et imaginaire (Témoins d'Histoire, 9), Safran Publishers, Brussels, 2022.

In French. — "Ancient Egypt" as a subject, be it in 19th century history painting or in contemporary comics (for adults), quite often has erotic connotations. This is also the case in the modern exlibris, playing on a modern apprehension of what is erotic (much more rarely pornographic), than on that of the ancient Egyptians, as far as we understand it. One thing that stands out in Egyptian art, at least during the New Kingdom, is the liberty with which Egyptian women (much more than men) give their body to the eye of the beholder. Of course, Egypt is exotic due to it being far away in time and in space, but making it erotic is a way to conquer and submit it.

Keywords: Egyptexlibris, erotism, Cleopatra, history painting, comics


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