ISBN: 978-2-87457-136-7
sous la dir. de Valentin Boyer et Arnaud Quertinmont
Coll. Témoins d'Histoire, 9
304 pages, en quadrichromie
42,00 €
2022. Disponible

Égypte et ex-libris

Entre fantasme, archéologie et imaginaire

Book in French (details)

This book offers, for the first time in French, a study on the reception, perception and reinterpretation of ancient Egypt in exlibris (bookplates), a very little known artistic medium reserved for the sphere of bibliophiles.

Between fanciful and scientific exlibris, what insight into ancient Egypt do they offer us? Credible and authentic or rather dreamed, fantasized and fanciful? Between syncretism of forms, heteroclism of patterns, eclecticism of styles, spatio-temporal anachronisms and astonishing associations, this book questions both the range of visual stereotypes and cultural referents generated by ancient Egypt but also the creativity and fantasy shown by the artists. It aims to discover, understand and appreciate the riches of this civilization through a still very confidential graphic medium, largely confined to the world of collectors. 

By the diversity of the iconographies, the ex-libris make it possible to embrace subjects such as the Egyptian pantheon, royalty, artistic productions, the Egyptian language and writing but also to focus on the phenomenon of Egyptomania through heraldry, esotericism, freemasonry and eroticism.

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Bookplate, Egypt, Egyptomania, monuments, hieroglyphics, hybrids, bibliophilia, reception of antiquity, Egyptology

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