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Les hiéroglyphes dans les ex-libris.
Du signe à l’esprit

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by Elsa RICKAL, in BOYER V. and QUERTINMONT A. (ed.), Égypte et ex-libris. Entre fantasme, archéologie et imaginaire (Témoins d'Histoire, 9), Safran Publishers, Brussels, 2022.

In French. — Among the many ex-libris devoted to Egypt, only some represent hieroglyphs, which serve various functions. They are used either to convey modern meanings and names, or for decorative purposes. In the latter case, the text is usually authentic and the artist incorporates its initial display – whether it be a tomb wall, a stela, or a papyrus – into the larger composition of the ex- libris. Lastly, the mere use of fake egyptianizing signs may be enough to conjure up both the mystery of Ancient Egypt and the egyptophily of the owner.

Keywords: ex-libris ; hieroglyphs ; egyptophily


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