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Des monuments, des statues et des hybrides. Les « faiseurs d’Égypte » dans l’ex-libris

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by Arnaud QUERTINMONT, in BOYER V. and QUERTINMONT A. (ed.), Égypte et ex-libris. Entre fantasme, archéologie et imaginaire (Témoins d'Histoire, 9), Safran Publishers, Brussels, 2022.

In French. — Monuments, colossal or modest-sized works, hieroglyphics and hybrid gods, all in their own way play the role of "makers of Egypt" by symbolizing on their own ancient Egypt both in the collective imagination and in the sponsors. and artists 's minds. If many Egyptian elements used constitute clichés of the genre (Tutankhamun, pyramid, sphinx...), others are much more specific and testify to a certain knowledge of ancient Egypt and archaeological discoveries.

The ex-libris is by its function an intimate element. It gives us information about the sponsor, the owner and the artist who made it. In most cases, the information we hold is incomplete and only a few names are known to us. Except in rare cases, they can only be understood today from an artistic point of view. Researchers will therefore endeavor to decipher and dissect the different elements, to look for parallels and to place an image within the production of an artist or a particular movement.

Keywords: Bookplate, EgyptEgyptomania, monuments, hieroglyphics, hybrids, Tutankhamun, Nefertiti, bibliophilia, reception of antiquity, Egyptology


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