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Le héros thrace Peirôs correspond-il dans l’Iliade au dieu cavalier hittite pirwa ?

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by Marcel MEULDER, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

Peirôs, a Thracian warrior in the Ilias, has the same name as the Hittite rider god Pirwa. Some facts defend this assumption: the homophony, the importance of the cavalry by the Thracians, the father’s name, the place of his origin, the passage where Homer speaks of him. Furthermore, the name of Pirithous derives too from the Hittite Perwa, and some facts defend this assumption: his membership of a renowned people of riders, the relation of his father(s) with the horse, his wedding with Hippodameia, his enemies, the Centaurs. So Peirôs’ and Pirithous’ names should enter in the group of proper and common nouns the Greeks inherited from the Hittites through the Luwians. On the other hand, it is impossible to suggest an etymology for the name of Rhigmos, Peirôs’ son.


Ilias, Greek Mythology, Hittite, Etymology