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Asbotos. Proposition d’étymologie d’un toponyme thessalien

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by Marcel MEULDER, in Res Antiquae 18, 2021.

The Hellenistic poet Euphorion of Chalkis evokes the horses from Asbotos, which allow the soothsayer Amphiaraos to withdraw the disaster of the Seven Chiefs in front of Thebes. Asbotos is a Thessalian toponym of Thracian origin; it means “city renowned for its horses”. That shows that the Thracians, renowned for their horses, were present before the actual Thessalians reached the country. The terms “horses from Asbotos” prove Euphorion’s interest for the (very or false) etymology of the proper nouns and for foreign dialects.

Keywords: Thrace, Thessaly, euphorion, etymologies, Greek mythology