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Kululu, un centre urbain majeur du Tabal à l’âge du Fer. État et perspectives des recherches

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by Matthieu DEMANUELLI, Marco CAPARDONI, Maria Elena BALZA et Clelia MORA, in Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

This paper provides a survey on the available documentation coming from the Anatolian site of Kululu, which lays in the region named Tabal in the Assyrian sources of the 9th-8th century BC. Even though the ancient name of this site is still unknown, it delivered important written and archaeological remains also useful for the reconstruction of the history of Tabal in the Iron Age. Was Kululu  the capital city of Tabal, or at least one of the main towns of this region? Or, was it simply a rich provincial agricultural center? Whatever the situation of the city in antiquity, Kululu  is surely one of the few sites of the area providing a significant amount of written and archaeological evidence for the Iron Age. The following pages will therefore focus on this site, first providing information on its location and the surrounding landscape and, subsequently, on the different types of sources, the structure of the city and its functions.

Keywords: Kululu, Tabal, Landscape, Archaeology, Epigraphic evidence
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