ISBN: 978-2-87457-142-8
REF. LCA35_21

L’homme s’entoure d’un univers sonore

 = Paper = 

by Dominique MANGIN, in PINCHARD L. and HAELEWYCK J.-C. (eds.), Traditions et Traductions des textes bibliques. Études de critique textuelle et d’exégèse en l’honneur de Prof. Christian-Bernard Amphoux à l’occasion de son 80e anniversaire (Langues et cultures anciennes, 35), Brussels, 2023.

A number of differences arising from the comparison of the Masoretic Text of the Book of Job with the Old Greek version are structurally signifiant. This article discusses the motif of language inaccuracy and accuracy in the use of the spoken word, a motif pertaining to the question of whether of not Job is right. The author explores the use of language in various contexts, such as malediction, oath, or its frontier: lamentation.

Keywords: Book of Job, Old Greek, malediction, oath, lamentation, speech act, euphemism