ISBN: 978-2-87457-142-8
REF. LCA35_20

‘Et tous les rois de Zimri’ (JrTM 25,25 ≠ JrLXX 32,25[11]). Une identification impossible ?

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by Pierre-Maurice BOGAERT, in PINCHARD L. and HAELEWYCK J.-C. (eds.), Traditions et Traductions des textes bibliques. Études de critique textuelle et d’exégèse en l’honneur de Prof. Christian-Bernard Amphoux à l’occasion de son 80e anniversaire (Langues et cultures anciennes, 35), Brussels, 2023.

The author seeks to identify who are “all the kings of Zimri” of whom Jeremiah speaks in JrTM 25.25 (different from JrLXX 32.25). He suggests looking for them preferably in Transjordan. He sees it as a late replica of “all the kings of Amory” from the time of Joshua, as well as two of them ‘Og and Siḥon.

Keywords: Zimri, Jeremiah, Transjordan, kings of Amory
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