ISBN: 978-2-87457-142-8
REF. LCA35_14

Histoire du Notre Père dans l’Antiquité comme traduction grecque de l’araméen

 = Paper = 

by Christian BOUDIGNON, in PINCHARD L. and HAELEWYCK J.-C. (eds.), Traditions et Traductions des textes bibliques. Études de critique textuelle et d’exégèse en l’honneur de Prof. Christian-Bernard Amphoux à l’occasion de son 80e anniversaire (Langues et cultures anciennes, 35), Brussels, 2023.

The paper deals with the history of the text of the Lord's Prayer (Our Father Prayer) in Antiquity and presents new thoughts of its translation from Aramaic to Greek. A first hypothetical primary form of the Lord's Prayer(dating from 50-70 AD) is given, slightly different from the Lord's Prayer in Luke's Gospel. We try to explain Luke's transformation of the text. Then a second translation (dating from after 70 AD) is testified by the Didache and Matthew's Gospel. Why other changes have been made ? The paper ends with the forms of the Our Father Prayer in Marcion's edition and in the most important manuscripts of the Bible.

Keywords: Lord's Prayer, Our Father Prayer, Matthew's Gospel, Luke's Gospel, Didache, forms of text, Greek, Aramaic, Translation, Marcion, Gregory of Nyssa, Tertullian, Origen, ἐπιούσιον