ISBN: 978-2-87457-142-8
REF. LCA35_13

L’évangile de Marc en copte sahidique. Caractéristiques textuelles de la première traduction (sa I)

 = Paper = 

by Anne BOUD'HORS, in PINCHARD L. and HAELEWYCK J.-C. (eds.), Traditions et Traductions des textes bibliques. Études de critique textuelle et d’exégèse en l’honneur de Prof. Christian-Bernard Amphoux à l’occasion de son 80e anniversaire (Langues et cultures anciennes, 35), Brussels, 2023.

As in Greek, the Coptic Sahidic version of the Gospel of Mark experienced a more unstable and variable transmission than other New Testament texts. The various handwritten witnesses make it possible to establish that the text was the subject of a first translation, which was then revised, and that there is also a text resulting from a compilation between these two translations. Although it is not possible to determine on which Greek text the ancient Sahidic translation was made, this contribution endeavors to hightlight some of its textual characteristics which in their variety are in agreement whith the hypothesis by C.-B. Amphoux.

Keywords: Coptic, Gospel of Mark, variants, manuscripts
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