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Les Peuples de la Mer d’après une lecture archéologique des reliefs de Médinet Habou

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J. VANSCHOONWINKEL, "Les Peuples de la Mer d’après une lecture archéologique des reliefs de Médinet Habou", in Chr. KARLSHAUSEN and Cl. OBSOMER (ed.), "De la Nubie à Qadech. La guerre dans l'Égypte ancienne – From Nubia to Kadesh. War in Ancient Egypt", Brussels, 2016.
Despite the progress of historical research, speaking about the Sea Peoples is a delicate undertaking. Texts deliver few relevant indications on their origin. A category of testimonies can however bring indications on their cultural affinities. This is the equipment that the Sea Peoples were using. This paper examines their weapons, ships, chariots, etc., in the iconographic testimonies of the reliefs of the mortuary temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu.