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Les campagnes militaires de Ramsès III à Médinet Habou. Entre vérité et propagande

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C. SIMON, "Les campagnes militaires de Ramsès III à Médinet Habou. Entre vérité et propagande", in Chr. KARLSHAUSEN and Cl. OBSOMER (ed.), "De la Nubie à Qadech. La guerre dans l'Égypte ancienne – From Nubia to Kadesh. War in Ancient Egypt", Brussels, 2016.
The mortuary temple of Ramesses III at Medinet Habu is without any doubt the most important monument of his reign. He decided to build this temple with the same model than Ramesseum, not hesitating to copy cultic scenes that adorn its walls. As for the monuments of his predecessors, the exterior walls and the ones of the two first courses are decorated with scenes of a military nature. There are five military campaigns represented on the walls of the temple: one in Nubia, one in Asia, two against Libyans and one against the Sea People. Some of these campaigns are illustrated with reliefs that are accompanied by one or more inscriptions recounting the important steps of the fights, while others are only presented by a series of reliefs. If it has been proved that the cultic scenes have been copied from the Ramesseum, some of the military reliefs have also been copied from monuments of Seti I and Ramessses II. If this is a common practice, it brings here doubts about the historicity of some of the military campaigns.