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La campagne nubienne de Psammétique II

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A. COYETTE, "La campagne nubienne de Psammétique II", in Chr. KARLSHAUSEN and Cl. OBSOMER (ed.), "De la Nubie à Qadech. La guerre dans l'Égypte ancienne – From Nubia to Kadesh. War in Ancient Egypt", Brussels, 2016.
In 593 BC, Psamtik II (595-589 BC) led an important military campaign against the Cushite kingdom. This military expedition is the best documented of all the wars of the XXVIth dynasty : thus it is mentionned on several official Egyptian stelae, but also in graffiti left at Abu Simbel by the Carian, Greek and Phoenician mercenaries who were part of it. This information, abundant and diverse, makes it possible to better understand this conflict, its causes, how it progressed and its consequences. Furthermore, it makes it possible to get an idea of the composition of the Egyptian armies during the Saite period, and in particular to understand the importance of Greek and Near-East mercenaries from that periode of time.