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Pour comprendre les signes lapidaires

by Jean-Louis Van Belle. — Book in French (See Details)

33,00 €
Le graffiti-signature

by Jean-Louis Van Belle and Anne-Sophie Brun. — Book in French (see Details)

52,00 €
Dater les édifices du Moyen Âge par la pierre taillée

by Frans Doperé. — Book in French The study of the stone cutting techniques is used as a method to follow the progression of a medieval building site and to establish the relative chronology of the different parts of it (See Details)

89,00 €
Fortifications bruxelloises face à Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

by par Pierre Van Nieuwenhuysen. — Book in French (See Details)

29,50 €
Vocabulaire d'architecture égyptienne

by Franck Monnier. — Book in French. The reader will find herein some 900 technical terms related to Egyptian architecture, together with their English translation and the Egyptian word, as well as numerous explanatory diagrams and colour photographs. The book also includes an English index. (Details)

49,50 €
Exprimer l'architecture

by Alexandre Tourovets. — Book in French (See details)

45,00 €