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» Salmon, Sabrina
L’Assyrie en Syrie et en Anatolie au début de l’empire : cultures en conflit, cultures en contact
M.-G. MASETTI-ROUAULT, S. SALMON. — During their expansion toward West, the kings of early Neo-Assyrian period met, in Northern Mesopotamia and in Southern Anatolia, Luwian and Aramean populations, who had then established prosperous States along the main caravan roads developing trade and commercial exchanges all over the Middle East…
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Transmission et vivacité des traditions céramiques locales durant l’occupation assyrienne. Le cas du bas Moyen-Euphrate syrien
S. SALMON. — The excavations on the site of Tell Masaïkh (Syria) brought to light a ceramic material, dated the Iron Age II. His study allowed the identification of typologies belonging to the Neo-Assyrian tradition and others which are certainly local…
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Évolution de la religion assyrienne en milieu syro-hittite et syro-araméen. Syncrétismes religieux et implications politiques
S. SALMON. —The main concepts building the identity of the Assyrian State since the Bronze Age developed around the theology of the Assyrian national god, Ashur, leader of the local pantheon and “true” king of Assyria…
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