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ISBN: 978-2-87457-107-7 | EAN: 9782874571077 | REF. TdH05
par Michèle Juret

Coll. Témoins d'Histoire, 5
304 pages (beau livre relié fil de lin, 265 photos, 21 x 21 cm)
40,00 €
2019. Disponible

Étienne Drioton et l’Égypte

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Parcours d’un éminent égyptologue passionné de photographie

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Book in French. The path of an eminent Egyptologist with a passion for photography.

As a testimony of his work and his careul observation of everyday life in Egypt, Étienne Drioton (1889-1961) left a significant collection of pictures taken between 1924 and 1952, many of which remain unpublished. This book takes the reader with him to a journey along the Nile.