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Tacite et Sima Qian

= Paper =
F.-H. MUTSCHLER, « Tacite et Sima Qian », Res Antiquae 5, Brussels, 2008, p. 181-202.
Tacitus and Sima Qian (ca. 140-85 BC, author of the Shiji, the Records of the Historian) are eminent representatives of Roman and ancient Chinese historiography. The starting-point of the paper is a striking parallel between the two historians: During the reign of autocratic emperors both authors undergo experiences which not only affect them on a personal level, but also influence their historiographic practice. The paper traces this influence with respect to the representations of rulers (Tiberius and Wendi) and of second and third rank characters such as senators, ministers, generals, and – in the case of Sima Qian – also of people from other walks of life.