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Les "matres lectionis" en phénicien. Nouvelles orientations

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A. LEMAIRE, « Les "matres lectionis" en phénicien. Nouvelles orientations », Res Antiquae 5, Brussels, 2008, p. 455-464.
 20th century scholars declared that a “system of purely consonantal writing was rigorously maintained in Phoenician” and “no matres lectionis would appear in the orthography”. However, during the last thirty years, sporadic presence of matres lectionis has been revealed in Ugaritic, early Aramaic, early Hebrew and early Moabite. An objective survey of the earliest Phoenician inscriptions reveals that it was also the case in Phoenician epigraphy, especially in proper names. This use throws some light on the adoption of the Phoenician alphabet by Greeks and/or Phrygians.
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