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Le dieu-enfant sur la fleur du lotus égyptien. Une icône luni-solaire ?

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by Pierre P. KOEMOTH †, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

After formulating some considerations about the blue and the white lotus-flowers in their nilotic context, but also the so-called “pink lotus” belonging in reality to the genus Nelumbo, the author thinks to be beter able to approach the semantic specificity of each of these species within the large iconographic panel inherited from the ancient Egypt. He proposes an extended reading for the icon of the child-god crouching on the primeval lotus-flower or seating on the fruit of this “pink lotus” related to the heliotropic behaviour of the blue lotus-flower during the day but the selenotropic one of the white species during the night. This process generates consequently a luni-solar conception of this thematic as well illustrated by a few late amulets where the child-god Somtus of Heracleopolis Magna becomes a Chons-Harpocrates bearing the symbol of the Moon-Iâh on his head.

Keywords: Antinous, Child-god, Lion-god, Lotus, Luni-solar, Somtus
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