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I Sabini dei monti. Popolamento e cultura materiale dalle ricognizioni nel territorio di Cascia (Perugia)

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by Francesca DIOSONO, Dario MONTI, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

The paper focuses on the pre-Roman archaeological material culture evidence collected during fieldwork campaigns (2016-2018) carried out in the municipality of Cascia (Perugia, central Italy), a territory that ancient written sources attribute to the Sabines. The archaeological literature about this territory suggests scarce human presence in the Iron Age, but the data collected during our survey show a more widespread settlement pattern, most probably characterised by low-density population, starting at least from the 7th-6th century BC until the Roman conquest. The data collected during our research also allow to shed new light on the material culture evidence related to the inland territory linked to the Sabines, which seems to show significant connections with the Tyrrhenian area and the Tiber Basin.

Keywords: Central Apennine, Iron Age, Pre-Roman Archaeology, Sabines, Field Survey, Iron Age Pottery
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