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Les pratiques constructives de "Castrum Novum". Mise en œuvre et évolution du site

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by Jordan BOUCARD, in Res Antiquae 17, 2020.

It was in 264 BC. The history of Castrum Novum begins with the establishment of a military camp. The need to create a Roman colony at this location is encouraged by the geopolitical context of the time. Subsequently, at the end of the Republican era or the beginning of the Imperial era, the site was transformed into a city. It would seem that new work was undertaken in the course of the second century. The study of the construction techniques as well as the materials used on the site makes it possible to highlight the evolution of Castrum Novum and raise the question of the city’s economy. Comparisons with the sites of Ostia, Cosa and Gravisca tend to confirm the evolution of the site that the study of construction techniques traces.

Keywords: Roman colony, constructive techniques, economy, opus reticulatum, opus vittatum, opus uncertum, opus testaceum