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ISBN: 978-2-87457-093-3
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Insécurité et rébellion en Pisidie. Le témoignage de deux nouvelles fortifications

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G. LABARRE - M. ÖZSAIT - I. GÜCEREN, "Insécurité et rébellion en Pisidie. Le témoignage de deux nouvelles fortifications", Res Antiquae 13, Brussels, 2016.
Two new fortifications of the Roman period, founded in Pisidia to the south of the Eğirdir’s lake, are analysed in this article in relation with the insecurity and the banditry. They give evidence of two opposed forms of relations between space and power. The fortified place of Yuvalı protected the southern part of the territory of Tymbriada, the cultivated soil and a secondary road. The wall of fortification founded in the mountain of the Davras Dağ, near the modern village of Çukurköy, defended an isolated site without permanent habitat. The assumption that it was a lair for a rebellious population is debated.

Keywords : fortifications, territories of cities, banditry, rebellion, Pisidia, Roman empire