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L’univers sonore dans les Tables Eugubines

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J.-CL. LACAM, « L’univers sonore dans les Tables Eugubines », Res Antiquae 12, Brussels, 2015.
Sounds appear as an essential component of religious practices described in the Tables of Gubbio (IIIrd-IInd c. B.C.). If the noises resulting from the ritual acts are considered as being parts of the performance of ceremonies, the auspices require a sound space free from any disturbance so that it may be filled with singing birds which are Jupiter’s messengers. In all other rites, the sound space is most of the time overfilled with words or music, subtly orchestrated. The deities have to be delighted by harmonious melodies and bewitching rhythms ; not only the rite is to be defined as a religious act but also as poetry.
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