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Épigraphie ibère et épigraphie punique, anthroponymie ibère et anthroponymie "africaine"

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A. DELANOY, «  Épigraphie ibère et épigraphie punique, anthroponymie ibère et anthroponymie "africaine" », Res Antiquae 11, Brussels, 2014, p. 81-90.
In the last years, the Iberian epigraphical corpus has been enlarged considerably; the Iberian language, however, remains obscure. For a long time scholars have tried to set up comparisons with Basque –without achieving any notable result in the elucidation of the texts, and never leaving the realm of hypotheses. In this paper dealing with the anthroponomical aspect I will follow another track, unsufficiently explored in my opinion: that of collecting possible similarities between Iberian and African (i.e. Libyc or Punic) names.
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