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La chèvre en Asie Mineure méridionale et égéenne dans l’Antiquité. Fragments d’histoire sociale

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At Meydancıkkale (ancient Kiršu/i) in Rough Cilicia, many horns of goats have been found in the sector of the stores just to the South of the fortified entrance. The goat is a predator for agriculture, and its breeding creates original societies, and a kind of seasonal half-nomadism today mainly led by the Yörüks in Aegean and Southern Asia Minor. The goat, and wild boar as well, hunting scenes, on coins, has to be explained in a social sense. The peasants have to take away the predator far from their fields.

Special issue around the theme:
"The Rural World in ancient Mediterranean Cultures: Right/Laws, Religion, Trade, Practices"
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