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ISBN: 978-2-87457-039-1

Le voyage involontaire de l’aurige Ratumena

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D. BRIQUEL, « Le voyage involontaire de l’aurige Ratumena », dans A. MEURANT (éd.), Routes et parcours mythiques : des textes à l'archéologie. Actes du Septième colloque international d'anthropologie du monde indo-européen et de mythologie comparée (Louvain-la-Neuve, 19-21 mars 2009), Bruxelles, 2011.
According to the legend, Ratumena was an Etruscan charioteer who won a race in the city of Veii but, after his victory, was dragged away by his horses, that brought the chariot to Rome, where they stopped in front of the Capitoline temple. This story seems to reflect the same pattern which appears in the Roman ritual of the equus October (horse of October) and the Indian asvamedha (sacrifice of an horse made by a king), i e the competition between different groups for the possession of an horse, whose scope is to provide one of these competitors with sovereignty.
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