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ISBN: 978-2-87457-036-0

Urartu. Les sources épigraphiques de la langue

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M. SALVINI, « Urartu. Les sources épigraphiques de la langue », Res Antiquae 8, Bruxelles, 2011.
Following the publication of the Corpus of Urartian Inscriptions, namely of the first three volumes dedicated to the monumental texts (inscriptions on building stones and rocks) it is important to stress the importance of strong epigraphic research for linguistic studies. Apart from the well known methods of interpretation of an ancient language (ethymology, bilinguals, combinatory method) in the case of Urartian there is another one, consisting mainly in the study of the connections between inscriptions and their monumental and archaeological contexts. In this article some rock inscriptions are studied and interpretations of lexical elements and grammatical forms are offered. All these hypotheses are based exclusively on in situ study of inscriptions both in Eastern Turkey and Iranian Azerbaijan.
Actes de la Journée Langues rares
(Institut catholique de Paris, 20 novembre 2009) :
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