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Guštāsp et Lug : des similitudes irano-celtiques

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M. MEULDER, « Guštāsp et Lug : des similitudes irano-celtiques », Res Antiquae 4, Bruxelles, 2007, p. 91-104.
Some parts of Guštāsp’s life told by Firdawsi’s Shahnameh are like some parts of Lug’s life: the Iranian prince and the Celtic god came incognito at the chief town of a kingdom; both presented themselves to king’s palace and enumerated their ability, but failed; both must undergo many tests, but then were successful; both became king’s allies, won at war, and became kings. These resemblances partly question Dumezil’s thesis and deny some parts of Guštāsp’s life are taken from an episode of the Mahābhārata.