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ISBN: 2-87457-004-4

Quand la Montagne se rend à la ville

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M. MAZOYER, « Quand la Montagne se rend à la ville », Res Antiquae 3, Bruxelles, 2006, p. 261-270.
In a previous paper, I showed that several cults carried out on the Mountain were related to foundation, and were meant to reinforce the roots of kingship as well as regenerating the king when the latter was aged, ailed or diseased. Today, I will examine two ceremonies where the Mountains move towards the city and try to discover the meaning of these travels: a monthly festival and a procession ceremony included within the KI.LAM festivities. In both cases the Mountains go to the city of Hattusha: I will demonstrate that in these two cases their journey is aimed at consolidating royalty and foundation. A new interpretation of the KI.LAM can therefore be surmised: it was one of the most important Hittite religious festivals. I will nevertheless recall the main characteristics of Hittite mountains and some aspects of ritual foundations performed on mountaintops.
Acta colloquii in memoriam Louis Delaporte et Eugène Cavaignac
(Institut catholique de Paris, 13-14 mai 2005) :
La montagne dans l’antiquité syro-anatolienne
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