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Testis unus…

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par Danielle PORTE, dans Res Antiquae 16, 2019.

As the description of details relative to Alesia (site, ways, battle a.s.a.) don’t fit to the realities offered by the official localisation (Alise sainte-Reine), main of archeologs, university professors and historian incrimine J.Cæsar’s text, which contains mistakes and lies, and can be suspected for the simple fact that his de Bello Gallico is our single source about events of year 52 B.C., between Cæsar and the Gallic chief Vercingetorix. This point of view can be refuted by the considerable number of de Bello Gallico  written during his epoch but unfortunately disappeared, even texts of Cæsar himself, in his Ephemerides, expressely quoted by antic authors. It’s necessary, too, consider, even by mental reflection, the indirect sources.

Mots clé : Cæsar, Vercingetorix, Labienus, Hirtius, Alésia, Gaule, Ephemerides, Correspondance, Mémoires, Témoin
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