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ISBN: 978-2-87457-085-8

Le terme "to-pa-po-ro-i" en mycénien. Un état de la question

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J. HENRY, « Le terme to-pa-po-ro-i en mycénien. Un état de la question », Res Antiquae 12, Bruxelles, 2015.
The discovery of tablets at Thebes reveals the existence of some occupational names, previously unknown in Mycenaean Greek. Among them is the word to-pa-po-ro-i, which appears in three tablets (Av 101.6b, Fq 341.1 et Gp 184.1). A close examination of these texts indicates that this word should designate an occasional function linked with the religious sphere. The first element of the compound, to-pa, is etymologically unclear and three possible interpretations have been proposed. According to them, this word would designate a basket bearer, a torch bearer or a rope bearer. This paper offers a review of these interpretations, taking into account morphological, etymological and phonetic evidences.