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ISBN: 978-2-87457-012-4

À propos de quelques répétitions non formulaires dans l’Iliade

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F. LETOUBLON, « À propos de quelques répétitions non formulaires dans l’Iliade », dans A. BLANC et E. DUPRAZ (éd.), Procédés synchroniques de la langue poétique en grec et en latin (Langues et cultures anciennes 9), Bruxelles, 2007, p. 139-149.
We have already published several articles on Homeric formulas. But what we will analyze here are some repetitions of another nature, whether non formulaic or formulaic (which can then come from a very archaic state of the Epic text, possibily Mycenaean or Indo-European). The comparison between a warrior in tears and a mountain waterfall (Books 9 and 16), the theme of Achilles’ spear, the words used to describe Patroklos’ and Hector’s deaths, and the metaphor of the iron-heart applied to Achilles by Hector and to Priam by Achilles might support the hypothesis of a great-scale composition of the Iliad with a particular place given to the Patrocleia (Book 16).