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Étrusque et ibère : branches d’un substrat méditerranéen commun ?

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C. RUIZ DARASSE, « Étrusque et ibère : branches d’un substrat méditerranéen commun ? », Res Antiquae 3, Bruxelles, 2006, p. 391-406.
We consider here two non-Indoeuropean languages in the Western part of the Mediterranean sea. As they were in cultural contact, we try to find some clues of a common linguistical substract. Comparing both of them on some points, we may say that the evidence is too thin to assert a common origin, and that we must discard any relationship between them.
Actes de la Journée Langues rares
(Institut catholique de Paris, 18 novembre 2005) :
Langue étrusque et langues italiques