Back in Rwanda

by Bernard De Wetter. — The author gives never-published – and surprising – information about events that took place short before and after the murder of the famous American Dian Fossey, and which put the facts within a different context. He gives us his personal – and rather unexpected – view of the tragic event… A book not to be missed by all those who are interested in mountain gorillas!… (Details || eBook). Out of print

Great Ape Encounters

by Bernard De Wetter. — Great Ape Encounters is the first comprehensive guidebook describing in details all locations where watching great apes in the wild is possible with a fair chance of success, both in Africa and South-East Asia. It is undoubtedly the most complete guidebook specifically devoted to great ape observation: a wealth of up-to-date – and even unpublished – information put together for the first time in a single publication (Details). Out of print